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Gift Day for Hope Roof – Restoration & Solar

Chris spoke on Sunday about the Gift Day and how we handle money as Christians. His talk is online here. This blog gives full details of Gift Day this Sunday.

Hope’s Bookshelf: books that have shaped us

This is about some of the books that have fed and inspired us as a church over the years. We have a few copies to look at and some to borrow....

Welcome To Hope

If you're new to Hope or interested in who we are and what we're about then this is a good place to start.

The Beach & Boat Vision

The Beach/Boat Vision was received by Anna Boulter in 2001. People and places have changed since but much of the description explains how we work as a church.

Prayer Centre History – Part 1: 1995-2005

This is the story of this Prayer Centre in Hope Chapel, narrated by Silas Crawley. Our dream is that this place will always be used as a place of Prayer & Worship.