Gift Day for Hope Roof – Restoration & Solar

words by Chris Bond

Chris spoke on Sunday about the Gift Day and how we handle money as Christians. His talk is online here. This blog gives full details of Gift Day this Sunday.

Hope Gift Day – 10th November 2019

Preparation notes

We’re raising £170,000 for repairs to the roof of Hope Chapel and to install solar panels.

As a church we’re praying together that God will provide all of this money through gifts and grants and any other ways we may not yet be aware of.

As part of this praying we’re also asking God what we should give as individuals and families.

Please join us in asking God if He would like you to give on our Gift Day on 10th November, and if so how much to give.


Bible passages about giving

You could listen to Chris’ talk from Sunday 3rd November (available on our website). In the talk he quotes some of these Bible passages about money and giving.

  • Matthew 6.19-33
  • Acts 2.42-27
  • Acts 11.27-30
  • 2 Corinthians 8.8-12


Building projects like this, particularly where large amounts of money are involved, are often times where God takes the community involved on a journey of praying, trusting, getting nearer to God, and ending it all with a good story that is remembered for years to come.

You could ask Silas about how £160,000 was raised for building the Prayer Centre back in 2000. There are a number of stories from our crypt building project that cost £150,000. Woodlands have a great story of how God led them to buy their building from the BBC for £135,000 in 1995.


Thank you Lord for the wonderful building that is Hope Chapel. Please provide all the funds that we need for the roof project. Amen.


How do we give on November 10th?

In the first half of the service there will be an opportunity to give in an envelope or to write how much you intend to transfer as a gift.

If a bank transfer is the easiest way to do this you can send your gift to:

Sort Code: 40 52 40

Account Number: 00015773

Bank: Caf Bank Ltd

Account Name: Hope Community Church

As a registered charity, Hope is able to claim Gift Aid (an extra 25%) on gifts given from givers who pay income tax. Please either complete the relevant part of the giving envelope to indicate if we can claim Gift Aid on your gift or send an email to [email protected]

Jesus teaches that we should be discrete about our giving (Matthew 6.2-4). Our finance administrator, Claire, will see the details of who has given what amount, but no-one else on the staff or elder team will know how much people have given.

Please see the Gift Day giving as additional to your regular giving. We still need that(!) and actually need to increase our regular giving as we move to employ a youth pastor.


Hope’s Finance Team

Paul Gibson, Treasurer – has oversight of finance and financial management. He reports to elders regularly and to the church annually.

Claire Collins, Finance Administrator – makes and receives payments and keeps records. Claire works at Hope Chapel on a Monday. Claire’s email address is [email protected]

Burton Sweet Chartered Accountants – examine and prepare our accounts each year.


Here are some links and references for more about giving to the project and about the technicalities of the building work:

* Chris’ talk on giving from our Acts series (Freedom From Fear). Click here to listen.

* Video tour of the Hope Chapel roof. Click to Watch.

* Quinquennial Building Survey Report highlighting repairs required for roof. Click to Read.

* Recommended book on Money and Giving: Daring to Live on the Edge by Loren Cunningham. Copies on the Hope Bookshelf (click here) and available from Amazon here.