We’re spending a season in the life of David as a church. David understood who he was and who God was. We’re beginning the David series by walking through his life looking at identity. This will tie in with the Living Free course which runs at the same time. We’ll explore some of the main Living Free themes in the life of David.


Conclusion 1 Alice Bond
The Psalms Tim Judson
Fighting Together Alice Bond
Releasing Others Jonathan Lee
The Cost of Disobedience Susie and Hugh Davies
Wholehearted and Unashamed Matt Rutter
Those in Debt and Discontent Silas Crawley
Under Authority Annie Crawley
Who Dares Defy the Armies of the Living God Esther Lambert
Breakthroughs in the Secret Place Chris Bond
Identity Conclusion part 2 Rob Douglas
Identity Conclusion part 1 Alice Bond
Designed to Rule Chris Bond
Overcoming Lies Matt Rutter
Psalm 23 Alice Bond
Attentive to God - Helen Lee Helen Lee
Warriors and Warfare Chris Bond
The Power of Repentance Silas Crawley
Contending For Destiny Alice Bond
Introduction and Biblical Context Chris Bond