Transparent Relationships – What do we talk about?

words by Chris Bond

What do we talk about when we meet in our 3s, 4s, 5s.... people we're being transparent with on our journey of following Jesus. Here's a suggestion...

For 2 years I met weekly with 6 other church leaders for accountability and mentoring. Based in Leicester, Nottingham, the Cotswolds, Southampton, Sheffield, Spain and Bristol, we’d come together using video Skype. This hour was one of the highlights of my week.

Our normal pattern was to spend one week on character and the next week on skills relating to church leadership. The link below is to a slight variation on the tool that we used over those 2 years when we focused on character. At the beginning of our time together we’d ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us and then spend a few minutes looking through the questions. Sometimes we’d already have come to the time with something specific to process with the group. Then we’d feedback the main thing that stood out to us. We always kept to a tight hour so wouldn’t have time to work through everything. There were usually a few themes that were relevant to several of us each time.

As you walk transparently together with a small group of others in Hope you’ll find a way of connecting that works best for you. These Character Questions may be helpful. Whichever format you land on, as Alice wrote previously, Growth, Overcoming, Confession, Challenge, and Risk will be good indicators that your group is healthy.

These small groups and relationships are powerful opportunities for our spiritual growth. We’ll be writing other posts soon that speak into these further. If you have any questions about how to do these relationships well please speak to Alice and I. We’d love to help you. 

Link: Character Questions