Men of Faith Portraits

words by Chris Bond


Men of Faith Portraits

The Gents toilets at Hope Chapel display portraits and short biographies of men who followed Jesus from different cultures, backgrounds, and centuries. Here are some recommended books or sources of more information on these men.

George Collett – “George, a Muller’s Boy” by George Collett. Available for free from the George Muller museum in Bristol. The museum is well worth a visit.

Arthur Guinness – “The Search for God & Guinness: A Biography of the Beer That Changed The World” by Stephen Mansfield

Rees Howells – “Rees Howells: Intercessor” by Norman Grubb

John Jea – “The Life, History and Unparalled Sufferings of John Jea: The African Preacher” by John Jea

William Seymour – “The Great Azusa Street Revival: The Life and Sermons of William Seymour” by William Seymour

Sadhu Sundar Singh – “Sadhu Sundar Singh: Called of God” by Arthur Parker

Samuel Tippett – The portrait of him at Hope Chapel is made up, based on what miners were likely to have worn in at the time in Bristol. Portraits were rare in the 18th century and were only of the wealthy. So there is no picture record of Samuel Tippett or any other Kingswood miners. There is an audio history of the miners of Kingswood recorded by the New Room Museum of John Wesley in Bristol. Click >here< to listen.

Smith Wigglesworth – “Smith Wigglesworth: The Secret of His Power” by Albert Hibbert

Ah Yin – “Chasing the Dragon” by Jackie Pullinger

Count Zinzendorf – “Count Zinzendorf and the Spirit of the Moravians” by Paul Wemmer

Let us know if you come across any other good resources about these men – films particularly!