‘I Want To Be A Playmaker’ Poem

words by Neil Wright

'Playmaker > a player in a team game who leads attacks or brings other players into a position from which they could score.' Written at Hope Men's Weekend 2018.

I want to be a playmaker,
to step up and be a life shaker.
And like Daniel in the lion’s den,
just bless me with humility between now and then.
For I can only do this with God’s help,
and with the support of my fellow men.

I want to be a playmaker,
not to be a heart breaker.
To step up and be one of the team
for today, tomorrow and forever;
never to be one just living the dream.
Just bless me with humility,
to be a man in whom God’s Spirit is seen.

I want to be a playmaker
In Christ’s name to be a soul taker.
I want to be called to the light,
prepared to enter the field of play,
to do God’s will, to know what’s right.
I want to be a playmaker each day,
with all my heart, filled with hope and might.
I want to be a playmaker.