‘The reason why…’ Poem

words by Neil Wright / photos by The Cross at Ffald-y-Brenin, Wales

Poem by Neil Wright

This is the reason why . . . . . .

We come to this Church off that street, dragged here, by our weary feet.

With our souls clad in the shoes of life, the stresses, strain and perhaps some

disdain, the trouble and the strife.


Our thoughts and aspirations are elsewhere, perhaps we are here without so

much as a care.

We stand now on this Church floor, ready to lay it all at Gods door, that stress

that strain and for some, maybe more.


We call out to you,

El Shaddai, El Elyon. Oh lord our saviour, take away this shame.

El Shaddai, El Elyon Adonai. Above all and beyond we call on your name.

El Shaddai, El Shaddai. Lift us up from this place of earthly disdain.

Make us anew.


Our heads bow in submission to our father in heaven, to lay it before him in

humble supplication, to sing with adoration to listen to the de-mystification of

the word, but it’s not about a simplification of that which should be heard,

just a seeking of a deeper revelation of a meaning of a reasoning of the truth

of our holy purification, of our unification, with the divine gift from heaven.


This is the reason Why. It’s not about me but all about you. The word of the

lord is the one true. The way of the light should be the guidance to our heart.

To bring hope and restoration from the very start. To fill us with a holy desire.

To burn bright with holy fire. With flames fanned by the breath of his holy spirit

without diminishing the lyric or that to which we merit. El Olam.


Bring peace to our heart tranquillity to our mind.

Let your solace be the destination we find.

Through praise and worship with you entwined.

Our thoughts and words will be enshrined.


We use our voices to sing.

We open our eyes and let Jesus in.

Our ears to hear.

We give praise to the king.

El Olam, to our God Everlasting.